Who is Shaun T?

Shaun T is the mastermind behind the Insanity workout program. A native of New Jersey who is currently residing in New York City, Shaun received his BS in Sports Science and a minor in Theater/Dance from Rowan University.

Shaun has extensive theater and television dance experience, including the musical version of The Ten Commandments, Pippin, and Applause. Shaun T has been featured on popular TV programs such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and HBO’s Six Feet Under. He has danced alongside some of today’s top-selling artists including Mariah Carey, Aaron and Nick Carter, and Elephant Man. Shaun has also worked with many companies, including Boost Athletic Shoes, the Los Angeles Lakers, Nike, Marc Jacobs, and Radio Shack.

When he first began to dance, Shaun immediately developed an interest in choreography. He has been the choreographer of multiple high-profile events such as the NCAA Final 4 halftime show, Aaron and Nick Carter’s “Twister Moves” tour (Wal-Mart), and the Garden State Dance Festival. Shaun also worked with Tony Gonzalez choreographing the movie Bring It On: All or Nothing.

Most recently, Shaun has partnered with Beachbody to create Insanity — a total body conditioning program that is designed to transform your body from regular to absolutely ripped in only 60 days.

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